Re-inventing how goods and materials are produced

Origin.Bios technology is the basis to combine good for the planet and large-scale production.


Originbio Saving Ressources

Current processes to produce valuable compounds require either mineral oil - with devastating effects on our climate. Or chemicals are extracted from plants - leading to monocultures and a loss of biodiversity.


Originbio Scaling Biology

With the help of microorganisms, we scale biology to produce the same ingredients as the traditional chemical industrial process - using 10x less energy and producing close to zero waste.


Originbio Concious products

We produce sustainable ingredients and materials that will help create better products substituting chemicals in industrial and consumer applications. Cost-effectively and with a good conscience!

Originbio Our Belief verge change biology sustainability nontoxic chemical free

We are on the verge of change.

A paradigm shift is happening in biology. A new wave of non-toxic, chemical free technologies can finally be used to produce a large share of the global economy`s physical materials, while increasing performance and sustainability.

The entire value chain, fully integrated.

We tackle the problem and use synthetic biology to create a nature-inspired and scalable solution.

A product is only as valuable as its market. We leverage existing relationships with the C suites of fortune 2000 companies, dive deep into value proposition and environmental concerns. Origin.Bio is the partner to design the products that, once built, will be highly sought after by consumers.

Within Origin.Bio, top scientific talent uses a synthetic biology platform that, for the first time, fully integrates dry lab, wet lab and pilot scaling. We design, build and test the solution that performs best.

We know how to scale, we’ve done it before. With carefully selected strategic partners we ramp up production to over 10,000 tons per year, servicing every customer need.

We help our partners to market their consumer products with properties like reduced CO2 or CO2 neutrality, sustainability or veganity.

The way we make products today is not sustainable.

The issue that faces industry is an unsolved dilemma:

On the one hand, consumers want the best ingredients/materials.

On the other hand there is a massive wave of consumer, environmental and regulatory demand to make these sustainable.

In a world of crude oil derived materials these two goals are opposites and cannot be reconciled.

Consumer pressure is accelerating the push for transformation.

people want to buy more eco-friendly products

Fast market entry with the highest margin replacements.

Origin.Bio’s production platform is an alternative way to produce products. Our goal is to replace current chemical manufacturing processes. We position ourselves by producing sustainable ingredients for top tier companies in a defined range of verticals.

Beauty & Personal Care

e.g. cosmetics and fragrances


e.g. flavors, food & feed ingredients and dairy


e.g. fertilizers, plant protection


e.g. high-value biomolecules, industrial enzymes, fabrics and dyes


e.g. aging prevention, treatment and wellbeing

Value delivery
to Origin.Bios partner

  • Drop-in

    easy to implement

  • Highest
    product quality

    for you and your customers

  • Long-term

    to further improve your products

  • A true

    to reach ESG Goals:
    sustainable, vegan, animal cruelty-free.

World-class leadership and commercial experience

Building and selling synthetic biology products is in our DNA.

Origin.Bio‘s founding team is experienced with scaling production and go-to-market of synthetic biology products, having built leading companies such as AMSilk (one of Europe’s first product-focused synbio companies).

Originbio Jens Klein co founder CEO

Under the right conditions, nature grows exponentially. Inspired by nature, Origin.Bio grows biotechnologies exponentially. Because scaling to the power of biology means scaling sustainably.

Jens Klein, co-founder & CEO

Under the right conditions, nature grows exponentially. Inspired by nature, Origin.Bio grows biotechnologies exponentially. Because scaling to the power of biology means scaling sustainably.

Jens Klein, co-founder & CEO

Origin.Bio partners with leading R&D institutions and companies and grows a team of world-class scientists.
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